TFZ hosts the 6th edition of the motor show
6 September 2019

With AMICA, the Moroccan Association for Industry and Automotive Manufacturing, Tangier Free Zone co-organises the 6th edition of the automotive supplier show under the theme “Automotive subcontracting: a lever for sustainable growth”. This new edition will take place from 25 to 27 September 2019 at the TFZ.

Located in the heart of the development of the automotive industry. This will ensure the interaction between contractors and subcontractors.

Many exhibitors will take part in the event. They represent various businesses: logistics services, design and manufacture of special machinery, tooling, packaging, and means of control and industrial supplies, among others.

The main objective is to create synergy between manufacturers and local SMEs. Today, more than 80 companies in the sector are located in TFZ. Together, they generate an export investment figure of around 4 billion Euros and account for more than 40 000 jobs including Renault Tanger Med.

There is a need to develop local sub-contracting and other levers to consolidate this competitiveness and optimise the cost of supply and logistics.

A device has been set up to encourage VSE’s and business incubators to differentiate themselves strategically, for this purpose stands will be placed at their disposal for free.

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