Tanger Med Zones an ecosystem of diverse activities

  • This activity zone built as a free trade zone on the Automotive Industrial platform of Jouamaa is place on a land space of 300 hectares principally focusing on automotive activities (equipment makers, logistics operators, subcontractors and services connected to this sector).

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  • Developed across a land mass of 140 ha, this activity zone will be dedicated to the development wholesale and retail commercial activities basing  itself on the substantial flow of goods generated by the rising importance of Tangier Med port and the logistics free zone.

  • Apart from the large incentive-building measures put in place at the national level, Tanger Free Zone joins together remarkable strong points: geographical locality, adapted marketing model (sale of land and rental of ready-to-use warehouses), service offerings.

  • The Souk Leqdim project aiming at the development of in industrial and logistic park in the region of Tetouan comes in compliment to the offering of the Tangier Med Industrial Platform in many directions: activity zone in taxable territory, a new job pool, industrial segments geared to the domestic and export markets;.

  • Dedicated to offshoring careers, the Tétouanshore Park aims to provide tertiary quality support to the industrial fabric that really knows strong growth in the region, and thus complements the industrial and logistics Strait region offers. The platform aims to introduce and develop new business to add value and will further diversify the range of opportunities for university courses in the city of Tetouan and its surroundings.

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