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GPI Convention

Since the launch of Tanger Med and along with its gradual development TMSA has been doing its utmost to set up a port platform connected to world traffic flows.


The simultaneous development of the Large Industrial Platform launched by His Majesty the King in 2009 and driven by Tanger Med Zones consolidates even more the worth of the complex. 

As part of an agreement signed between the State and TMSA, a dedicated land base of more than 3000 ha has been mobilized in a radius of 80 km of the Tanger Med port complex serving to develop state-of-the-art industrial parks. 


The installation of this Large Industrial Platform also comes in confirmation of the leading vocation of Tanger Med consisting of the development of industry and employment in the port hinterland. 

Because of its size, the Great Industrial Platform fits well in a vision of long-term development. It aims to ensure a sustainable and viable environment for manufacturers wishing to invest in the region with sufficient areas of land and constructed to the highest international standards and benchmarks