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This project involves the gradual implementation and long-term business parks, industrial, logistics and tertiary character in the hinterland of the port and in the wider area around the Strait of intrinsic competitive advantages :

An infrastructure supply leadingA large land reserve

A strong industrial base

Strong regional anchor


This industrial platform, backed by the Tanger Med port platform, also has important advantage.



Strategic positioning at the intersection of major maritime traffic and close to target markets: Europe, Africa, North America

A leading port platform integrated with global flows and providing flexibility flow: containerized, Ro Ro, Bulk.

An integrated value proposition providing a platform for regional competitiveness to meet the expectations of global players

Potential for large regional operational optimization between OEMs and Tier ½ suppliers


Meanwhile, the investment incentive framework includes specific conditions for investment.

  • Exemption from VAT
  • Specific taxation  framework 
  • Financial support for investment
  • Coherence training program